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Thursday, June 02, 2005

If it weren't for the gutter, my brain would be homeless!

You can't really depend on me people. Until I get a new desk, I'm bound to be unreliable on the posting front. I'm only doing this one because I had a late night burst of evergy. Which leads me to the question of why I can't get these during a logical time, like, I don't know, DAYLIGHT?!?!? So, anyway, I just found out from one of my friends that I have an accent. KaWhat!?!? Me? I always figured I had the least accent you were going to find. And un-accent, if you will. I mean, that's only for Americans, but still. Not the unaccent, but if I go anywhere else and speak English I'll have an accent (or whatever language, but currently English is the only one I know). But it never occured to me that I'd have an accent to other Americans. So then, my friend Tigg is like, 'When did you all get accents?' That kind of stopped me in my tracks. I figured I didn't have a country accent, though I was born and bred in the South, or an East coast accent, which really isn't anything, just not crazy like those wacko Californians. But I figured that you can get an accent from pretty much anything. My mom parents were from 'the Islands', so I probably got a little passed down from her, and my dad is from New York and every once in a while he'll stress a word, like 'Yoik', instead of York, and that kind of sticks with you. Add to that the whole Southern thing, and I guess that when you get is something different then what Tigg probably hears. Everybody I know has got some weird set of circumstances defining the way that they speak. Add to that the fact that Tigg hasn't been 'down South' in about 44.4 billion years, and you can see the problem. Well, not a problem per se, but the interesting set of situations. Anyway, that's just one facet of an interesting week, that I will add to. Think about it, I've got to tell youse guys about Animazement (though I didn't even try to take pictures), my new job (and a certain walk in the woods), and why my arm was tired (No, not for that reason, you perv!).


Anonymous ~Guess who~ said...

My foot hurts

11:30 PM  
Blogger England said...

New Yoik, New Yoik...

11:39 AM  

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