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Friday, December 23, 2005

New Names

Firstly, I want to tell everybody to have a Happy and Safe Holidays, Christmas, Hanukah, Ramadan, you know everything. I don't include Kwanzaa in that because I don't know a single person who celebrates it, and I hate when people call it the black people's Christmas. The black people's Christmas is Christmas. Ug. Also, I wanted to introduce you to the members of Pinch Interrogation (for now) and Pinch Films Inc. We are so awesome:

Heather: Bass: Harley Quinn
England: Lead Vocals: Mr. J
Ingrid: Drums: Poison Ivy
Terri: Lead Guitar: Matches Malone

Don't those just rock out loud? We are so awesome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No,no! It's Pinch Live Productions. Stop saying it all wrong. Oh, and we need to take pictures with our new canes and pimpish styles.


9:45 PM  

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