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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Video Something

I was just watching this show on MTV 2 and it's like, songs that they put to video games. Like the characters are playing the instruments and singing and all that. I really liked it, and thought that I would share that with you. The main point of this post, however, has nothing to do with that, and leaves me with the feeling that I shouldn't have brought it up at all, but I've already typed so much that I really don't feel like going back and starting over. Anyway, so I was just thinking of how much a hassle that kids are. I mean, I still think I'll have kids, and I'm somebody's kid so I appreciate it, but if you think about it logically, in today's age, who would want to have any kids at all? They're like a financial, spirtual, and psychological black hole. You pour money, and love, and effort into this kid in the desperate hope that they won't be spoiled, or dumb, or losers, which (let's face it) is a very small chance. Financially it's the worst. You spend money on diapers, school clothes, braces, and college tuition. Then what if your kid turns out to be a loser, what, you have to pay for them the rest of your life? I just don't see how that small time when your kid is not a jerk makes up for the time that they are. And heaven forbid that I get one of those 'I-don't-wanna-wait' kids (I call them that because they act like they're on Dawson's Creek). They think their life is so bad, and you are so mean, and they think they can treat you any kind of way. Well, back to the point, I'm not going to say that there are no good kids. I mean, I know some. Kids that are smart or at least honest, or innocent or some redeeming quality that makes up for them being, you know, kids. But on the whole, why do parents do it? If I were my own mother I would have kicked me out once I learned to walk. Anyway, maybe once I'm a parent I'll understand.


Blogger England said...

There is a guy beside me, and he just looked at me because I laughed out loud while reading your post. I-don't-wanna-wait...Anywho, I would only hope that my kids grow up the way I did (not necessarily the adult me, but the prepubescent me that wasn't addicted to smack). You do put a lot into your children, and some still turn out all Dahmer-ish! Tit's, you can only hope your kids turn out as well rounded as YOU are; then you know that you did something right.

Wakey, Wakey...England's Vaginey!

p.s.-What if your child grew up disobeying you and sleeping around? I wasn't raised that way; you weren't raised that way (referencing your fictive child) ...so why would you do that?

5:30 PM  

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