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Friday, August 26, 2005

Vote for Pedro

Is it just me, or has the term cult classic become a little overused? Take the newest 'cult classic', Napolean Dynamite. Granted, it's a pretty funny movie. I mean, I loved it. It had a lovable hero, crazy sidekicks, and catchphrases galore. But a cult classic? I don't see a cult classic, I see a (disgusting) attempt to make enough money off of 'Vote for Pedro' and 'Liger' paraphenalia to kill an elephant. So, just to get a couple people straight on what exactly makes a cult classic, a few basic rules, if you will, that will make things a bit easier. First of all, a cult classic has to have been out for at least 10 or 20 years before it can be called such. The greats went decades before they're genius was discovered. This gives their stars time to blow up, their references time to lose their validity. Next: Nine times out of ten, a cult classic is funny, but it doesn't mean to be. There is nothing more hilarious, than an hilarious attempt to create a real movie on a pratically non-existant budget. Or with a plot that makes little to no sense. Or with characters that appear in more than one scene, or friends fill in with costumes and hair and make-up. There are more, but I really can't think of them. And my wrists are getting tired. I'm not saying that you can't like Napolean Dynamite, but just don't get it confused with a true classic.


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