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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Play the Typical.....


This scares me. I am in no way a typical liberal. I did love Bill Clinton, but I hate PETA (with a fiery re-hot passion) and I don't support abortion. But sometimes the thickheadedness of conservatives just pisses me off. What I really want to talk about is the PETA thing though. No one will ever in a million years convince me that animals are just as important as people. That is pure bull. I don't care what all those PETA people say. What are they going to do? Tell lions not to eat zebras? Tell bears not to eat fish? Animals eat other animals. And so according to thier logic we should be able to eat whatever we want. The thing that really turns my knobs is there was this one time that they sent a letter the Palestinan leader Yasser Arafat, and asked him to be careful with those suicide bombings because of all the animals they were killing. The animals. Do you belive that crap. Little kids, mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, and aunts were being killed and PETA is up in arms about the pigeons and rats and stuff. If I could single handedly destroy them I would. If only those grain eating troglodytes would put half as many resources into trying to keep children from starving, or people from getting AIDS, then maybe they could stop complaining and do some good in this world. Maybe they could help the people that need it the most. But they don't care about people, some tiger in a zoo in Burbank is more important than some starving kid in Cambodia. And that just makes me frickin' furious. Who gives them the right to say that? Whatever you believe humans are at the top of the food chain here, and we've earned some rights and privilages. I'm not saying do whatever you want to do with your dog, because he's not a person, no. I love my dog, I love him alot, and there's a lot I would do for him. But if I had to choose between saving him out of a burning building or saving a complete stranger, I'd be sad, but the human is more important. That's just the crux of it. Anyway, I just wanted to rant for a while, and let everybody know that I hate PETA. Oh, and Greenpeace. I can't stand them either. They're just like PETA with thier false ideals and self-righteousness, but they shoot people. It's wrong to eat a chicken, but blowing up somebody is fine. I will never understand wack jobs. But it's probably better that way.


Anonymous TIFFANYLOVESYOU said...

I did this article about McDonald's once and this one story caught my attention: I think it was around the time when ppl were starting to wonder whether Mickey D's was a good company or not. but anyhoo, so greenpeace decides to step in and do a little "research"...basically they had one of their workers seduce and have sex with some top mcdonald's ceo thingy. I just thought, "damn...i dont think i could ever whore myself like that for a few secrets."

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