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Monday, October 29, 2007

An Open Letter to Kelly....

Dear Kelly,

If you read this blog regularly, you'd know that I have issues, and you wouldn't have to make unfounded accusations to that fact. Also, I frickin' loved Highlander 2, and love all the Highlander movies, because that's how I roll. Look, I have issues with something called a little loyalty. I love Rachel's body of work, but what I see is a inconsistency that I have a problem with. I'm sorry, but I'm positive that the script for the Mummy 3 couldn't have been worse than Fred Claus, now, read the other script and tell me I'm wrong. Also, it's not a matter of either or, she's already made Fred Claus, now, she's open to do some other stuff. Also, I don't just blindly like something because an actor is in it. I watched Monkeybone because Brendan Fraser was in it, didn't mean that it was a good movie. I mean, it was okay, but still kinda lame. This the point I'm trying to make: The Mummy movies won't be a movie without Rachel, and what blow to her credibility would it have done to appear in it, when making Envy (which is essentially a movie about dog poo) didn't? So.... make some fans happy, make a few extra million dollars, sit around on a set for a few months, make out with Brendan Fraser, and you know what? It would be a brilliant career move.

A Complete Stranger,



Blogger Marlewen said...

With the exceptiong of Halloween movies, claymation, Tim Burton, and Elf, Holiday movies are complete shite. Especially the Christmas ones. Fred Clause shouldn't even exist.

That aside, as Terri said, this isn't about the movie quality. This is about consistancy. Point is, Mummy fans are going to see this movie, whether they expect it to flop or not, and it's SUPER ANNOYING for one of the main characters to be replaced with a new actor/actress.

6:22 PM  

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