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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Subtle Sunrise

You can't tell someone that they have to think logically about a belief. It's just that, a belief, for a reason. Either you believe it or you don't. I was just reading on a discussion board and this guy was trying to disprove Christianity, and he was asking Christians to, "just think about it". The whole point is that we don't think about it. If we looked at it logically, our faith would seem absurd. All the things that we believe are a little absurd, of course, but only absurd if you don't have faith. You see, that's the thing about faith, you see the absurd, you see that it's absurd, and you accept it because that's what, in your heart, makes sense to you. And yeah, sometimes we accept and accept and forget how to think, but I don't think that true faith works that way. I think that in order to truly believe, you have to retain some of your skepticism, so that you don't come off as a total wankbag. For me, accepting that there is a God and Jesus is his son is just a matter of fact. I don't even think about it really. Prayer is just chatting it up with the Almighty, and while my mind not constantly be on pure thoughts, I don't really struggle with theological thoughts. I think I'm very blessed that way. Of course, the only alternative, for me, is a life without God, and that is so very depressing, so very heart rending, that I don't even think about it really, cause it just makes my day start to suck. I do think of it in terms of black and white, God or no God, because even though I don't think that Buddha and God are the same person, it's more of a matter of faith or no faith. I tend to be very excepting of faiths, even it I don't believe the same thing. Just because you're a Muslim, doesn't mean that I can't see you as a person, we just believe different things. And every moment I'm with you doesn't make me envision hellfire and brimstone surrounding you. I don't want to present myself as an upstanding Christian, 100% of the time, either. Of course, I have my flaws just like everybody else, I just find a comfort in faith that you don't get from anything else. So, back to my original point, faith is something that you can't fight against. You can either struggle against it vainly, or give up. Because as long as there are people, it will exist. Sometimes for the good of mankind, and sometimes for the bad, but it will always exist.


Blogger Marlewen said...

If you think about any religion, it becomes absurd. I mean, my people believe the Universe is a giant tree, the earth is made of a troll's carcass, and the gods started out with some guy frozen in a block of ice who was rescued by a mystic cow.

12:42 PM  

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