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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Haikus

These are for various peoples. You'll know if you're one of them:

I wish I could help
I wring my hands in distress
But know I love you

We both what the movie
Not the only thing we share
But it doesn't hurt

Michelle Rodriguez
I used to think she was tops
I now know better

One: Katy Perry
Second: Zooey Deschanel
Are you kidding? Switched at birth?!

The world tried to leave
You must have some gravity
It still turns on you

American, yeah
Living here now is okay
Smiled more a week ago

Suppose we're friends now
But sometimes I wonder why
Guess I'm used to you

You're haunting me now
I can't seem to get away
Um, I see striped shirts

Persian elephants
I call a serious foul
I'd have done it too


Blogger Henning said...

I cant seem to send you an email, it fails evertime. So I'll post it here instead:
I won a comic! Avengers 229 or something...

Will you make it to California this summer? I'd really like to know, cause I cant seem to get a rental car as I am under 21. If you did make it to San Diego, I'd be happy to pay for the car, if we could put your name on the paper. Then we could go to Mexico, and Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and maybe even Las Vegas! Think of all the karaoke we could do!

8:30 PM  

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