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Friday, October 08, 2004

Can we All just get along?

I just read this online:

"Bravo Bill Sammon, and thank you for telling us what other Bush haters (liberal authors and writers) are not capable of telling us. I just finished this book and I keep telling myself, why are liberals so dumb,and why don't they ever get it. It seems that in their narrow, bubbled world, these hating people (idiots) who don't read anything and just can't get over their Vietman war,these Bush hating propagandist, are really proving themselves to be dumb, self centered and unaware of the changing times all around them. And the press, well forget them, they are just showing all of us that their only agenda is to destroy the credibility of the US moral superiority.Finally, John Kerry, this is the man of the people, who wants to become President of the United States? I think he has us confused with the FRENCH. Is he for real? Do people like him really exist? or is he just a bad dream ?Please tell me I am not flipflopping.Thank you Bill Sammon for a wonderful book, I look forward to four more years of George Bush. "

Now, I hate George Bush. Really bad. And I really want him out of office, but I would never call somebody an idiot just because of what they believe (unless they're racist or something) and just because you might have ignorant ideas doesn't mean that you are completely stupid. I know people who are conservatives, I love people who are conservatives. That is so not cool to make such a broad statement about a group of people. I can not like your candidate, but does that mean that I don't like you? I really am one of those people who hopes that one day we can get past insulting someones belief (like this guy and like several third graders that I know) and get back to discussing the politics. I would love to have a conversation with someone where we can just discuss the facts and not all the spin that goes with it.


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