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Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm a little bit country...

These titles are supposed to have something to do with the post. I can safely say with the least bit of hesitation that this one does not. Not at all. Anyway, John Edwards came to my state yesterday. Actually he was right down the road. I should have gone, but I thought that I should go to class. Boy, was I being stupid! I would have been able to hear the message that I've longed for for four years. Geez! A friend of mine went and she was telling me about it. She got to shake John Edward's hand. The next vice president of the United States, and she's touched him. I could have touched him, as well if I had been there. She said that it was pretty awesome. He connected with the college students there, and told us how Bush had cut Pell grants (one of the major sources of funds for college students) and left the states to fend for themselves when it comes to funding. Thus raising tuition rates. Also, he connected with the African-American section of the audience. I can't wait until he and John Kerry are in the White House, and we can really get this country going. I can't take another four years of this.


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