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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Colored People

Please before you start throwing full wine bottles and danish hams at your computer screen let me explain: My title is from a song by dcTalk which advocates racial harmony by all God's people. I just wanted to mention that because I wanted to talk about the term African-American. I hate it. Why should we still be considered from Africa when we help build America? We bled and died so that this country can be free, and it was built upon the backs of our hard labor. Or at least the backs of our ancestors. The white people in our society are rarely ever identified by what they were generations ago. Even Asian-Americans after a while can stop be considered really that Asian. Now, if you're talking about physical features, then yeah, I guess we're pretty African and they're pretty Asian, and I could go on. But if you're talking about how long we've been here, and the fact that we love this country just as much as everyone else... Then we're just as American as apple pie and baseball. George Washington is considered a patriotic American and the man wasn't even born here! I just want to say that I don't want to N-word thrown around or anything, of course, but if anything I don't have to be an African American. How about just an American?


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