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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yes, I Am In China

I've been here since September. For those of you who only see this on FB, it is currently the only way that I can communicate with you there. So, welcome to the fast paced world of LETTERS!

To keep up with my posting-once-a-month track record I present to you a few thoughts that may or may not be related or important. But you're the one reading a blog, so get used to it.

1. The StrideRite Kid should be making a comeback soon. I find myself with a little bit of time, and the hankering to make music is as strong as ever. As far as my music is concerned, I often make vague promises with imaginary deadlines, and this is no exception. In this case, though, I am literally sure that it will happen in the next month. Probably. Maybe.

2. My mom's birthday is coming up in like five days. She will be, as always, 27 years old. I'm trying to figure out what I can do for her on the day. It's not like calling her will be enough, since I do that all the time anyway. I was thinking of a song, but that's a little cheesy, and doesn't really seem like a thing my family would do.

3. In my classes I'm going to be teaching my students about race in America, so if you're my friend, and you want to send me a picture of yourself, or your colorful friends/family groups to use in my powerpoint presentation about race, feel free to do so. I want my homogeneous group of Chinese kids to see the varied tapestry of America, which is basically one of the best things about the place. My email is xenite.one(a)gmail.com

4. I want to buy a guitar here in Changsha, but I dunno where I can get a good one. I need something that has a normal size body, good action, something that won't be a struggle to change the strings, something that will hold a tune, and something that will make me a better person. I dunno if I can get that here in this city, so maybe we'll find out.

nobody is talking about love, but the preacher

Cap'n Crunch: The Sharpest Cereal Ever?

The answer is yes.

So, I haven't actually had any cereal in a while, and I'd gladly take a bowl full of that edible glass than have to eat one more cold, morning dumpling. What is with the Chinese anyway? Breakfast is just so much better when it's uber hot, or just, I dunno, sweet. "No, I couldn't eat this cake at 8:23 in the am. But, I will have a bite of this warm sugar-filled muffin." Yesterday, I was reduced to reading the Wikipedia article on breakfast just because I WAS SO HUNGRY FOR PANCAKES. I want to open a Shoney's here, and just, you know, do the durn thing. It's weird. All the ingredients for a delicious breakfast are here: Bacon, eggs, bread, pancake mix. And yet somehow when you put it all together it doesn't seem to equal breakfast.

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