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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Memoirs of an Obsession

So, I'm pretty sure that I mentioned that I totally am obsessed with Michelle Yeoh. So, this weekend I went to go see Memoirs of a Geisha, and it wasn't starring Zhang Ziyi. For me, it was starring the amazing Shelly, and I lived every moment to the fullest. Granted, she didn't show up in the movie until after the first third, but I entertained myself with thoughts of her greatness, and a glimpse of her that the audience recieves early on. So, every time Mameha (her character's name) appears in more and more beautiful kimono, I couldn't help but bask in Shelly's amazingness. Yeah, I know I made that word up. The plot is pretty straightforward. Zhang Ziyi is a young girl, Chiyo, and later Sayuri, who becomes the most famous geisha in her provience all to find the love of a man called the Chairman, whom she meets as a child, and eventually falls in love with. My main beef with the film is that it focuses totally on Sayuri, so when she and Mameha are in a scene, it flows toward her, which, I recognize, is not truly a beef. The accents weren't a problem for me, sometimes I got a little lost, but it was pretty easy to follow along. If I were a lesbian Asian women would totally be my style, because every single one of the leads I found extremely hot. Gong Li, who is a new name to me, is totally a hottie, even playing the hateful Hatsumomo. But so you don't think I'm a total lesbo (well, in the right circumstances.....(what?), Ken Watanabe was looking totally hot and his suits made me want to jump his bones, and the fact that he's hot. One note about the kimono, all the kimono that all the women wear are so beautiful that you're going to want to go right out and buy one, give it at least a week. Also, my friend England wanted to be a geisha right after that, so give that about a week as well, before you fly off to Japan. All in all, the perfomances were good, nothing spectacular, but the story is something to see, it opens up the culture of the geisha in a tremendous way, though I would totally suggest reading the book which gives so much more to understand. Shelly's performance, of course, was flawless, and I'm sure will be hailed as the role of the century, and everyone will shower her with Golden Globes and Oscars, in a way that will not give her a concussion. So, on Terri's Scale O' Movies with 10 being Crash and the Matrix and 1 being Doo Doo Brown 2: Electric Boogaloo, I totally vote for a 7.5. It would have gotten a 7 if Shelly wasn't in it. This is a very comprehensive score that is totaled only after seconds of me sitting around and thinking about it, so you can tell it to your friends with pride. So, go out and see this thing, for the love of mike! And I'll leave you with a Shelly quote, which is from the commercial, but she's my girl, so I could end it no other way: "We do not become geisha to fulfill our own destinies, we become geisha because we have no other choice." Or something like that.

PS- Um, Brendan Fraser can be expecting a rice cake sometime soon....just putting that out there. Those of you who have seen it will know what I"m talking about.

Friday, December 23, 2005

New Names

Firstly, I want to tell everybody to have a Happy and Safe Holidays, Christmas, Hanukah, Ramadan, you know everything. I don't include Kwanzaa in that because I don't know a single person who celebrates it, and I hate when people call it the black people's Christmas. The black people's Christmas is Christmas. Ug. Also, I wanted to introduce you to the members of Pinch Interrogation (for now) and Pinch Films Inc. We are so awesome:

Heather: Bass: Harley Quinn
England: Lead Vocals: Mr. J
Ingrid: Drums: Poison Ivy
Terri: Lead Guitar: Matches Malone

Don't those just rock out loud? We are so awesome.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Your Musical Tastes Match: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

See his whole playlist here (iTunes required)


Your Japanese Name Is...

Ayame Karasuma

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Least Funny Thing Said to Me Today:

I'm listening to Rage:

Grown A Person (or GAH)"Hey, Terri, I like that song you're listening to."
Me, "Really?" (surprised)
Her, "No, not really, just kidding."
*her evil (and one half evil) minions cackle

Mmmm, taste like hilarity!!
Oh wait, not really.

Celebrity F**k Fest

I don't curse. I don't have anything against profanity, and have been known to utter a certain blue word or two under duress, but I make it a general rule not to swear. It's not really a rule. Just when I curse it sounds awkward and forced and not me. So, I found this online and it really made me giggle: Celebrity F**k Fest (parental discrestion advised). I did realize, however, that certain words that I use everyday, and stole from England are truly curse words, and if I was in England, I wouldn't use them in polite company. I use wanker and bugger (or buggerer or buggering [my fave incarnation]) all the freaking time. So I guess, I really do curse. I think it has less to do with the word, though and more to do with how taboo the word is. Like, for the purposes of this discussion, you think of the word fuck. Well, for most people, you wouldn't say that to your mother, because it's a bad word. It means to have sex, and not in the nice candles-and-rose-petals-leading-to-the-bed kind of way, but the down-and-dirty-hey-where-are-my-draws kind of way. If the word was snoosh, it would still be taboo. You wouldn't think, hey that doesn't sound like a threatening word, you would just think of the connotations. Anyway, I like saying bugger, and wanker, so I just hope that they don't completely jump the pond and people start having negative connotations attached to them. Otherwise, I'll be totally fu.... I mean, buggered.

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