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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Like Christmas in December

...Because the real saying is like Christmas in July. Like how I turned that around? Mmmm, tastes like success. So, firstly, I made some friends this semester. And they are literally the coolest. And I'm going to miss them so much. So, Paula and Cindy, this one's for you! Um, I don't really have a thing, but these words will have to do.

Do you know when you wake up early, and jump out of bed and are pulling on all these clothes, and trying to brush your teeth, and not pop all the buttons on your good shirt, and you look at your cell phone and realize it's Saturday and you have absolutely nothing to do?

Do you know when you've forgotten to work on a project and it's due on Monday and you haven't done a single thing to finish it, and your teacher sends an email to let you know that the deadline has been extended?

You know when you have to call that person, that person you really don't want to talk to, but you have to call anyway, and you get their voice mail and can just leave them a message?

You know when you're thinking you don't have any money left, and you go into your pants pocket from like eight days ago, and inside is a ten dollar bill?

You know when a little (or big, for that matter) person that you love, and who's not being disobedient or annoying or stinky and thinks you're totally awesome gives you a hug and tells you they love you?

This is how I feel knowing that I've met such caring, kind, cool, smart, funny, fun, and all around terrific people EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Because I know you guys, apart and together, everyday is like Christmas! And I just got a new Spongebob shirt! And so, even though you're going somewhere far away, know that WSSU will always have a place for you, and so will I, in my heart.

Okay, okay that last part was a little cheesy, but you rock my socks and I just had to include it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I Googled Suicide Today

I Googled suicide today. I don't plan on killing myself. I'd like to make that abundantly clear. But I am the type of person who likes options. Interestingly enough I'm not the type of person who does research. So, this was a new experience for me. What I found were sites mostly trying to stop people from committing suicide. I didn't, however, find a site offering tips on the best way to do it. There was a particularly funny entry on CRACKED.COM, which did help lift my spirits a little. One passage likened committing suicide to having your friends and family buy you a car, and then running them all over with it. I guess it is a little like that. Suicide only hurts the people that care about you the most, so why would you be such a ginormous douchebag and do something like that? Anyway, I heard it's some sort of brain thing so I'll leave it alone. Anyway, so I could never commit suicide. I think I say that I want to kill myself as a coping device more than anything else. I really have A) too high an opinion of myself and B) A real fear that God will be mad at me, to do anything like that. I was telling a friend of mine that I went to a religious middle school and in Bible study we learned that blaspheming against the Holy Spirit was the only unforgivable sin. After that I used to live in mortal fear that I would accidentally do that. Like, little Jenny was afraid that Johnny didn't like her, and I was afraid that I would, somehow, blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. To this moment I don't even know what that would entail. I dunno if you'd have to sign something, in blood or whatever. But, anyway, for all that I know that suicide is a pretty bad sin. Hey, I've seen Constantine. I'm just saying, I was looking it up is all.

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